There are a few things that God didn’t tell you when you were born—or even ask your permission to do!  Stay with me on this wry look at an imaginary scene in heaven.

Suppose the Father had seated you on His loving knee and asked if you wanted to help Him out with a little rescue campaign He was operating on planet Earth (I know that nobody is in heaven before they’re born—just play along). You might have said OK, until He began to explain it to you…

“Dearest Child of Mine,

1) You will be born without even knowing I exist, much less that I love you as fully as I do.
2) You will be born with a sin nature you won’t be able to get rid of and which will cause you all kinds of problems (What’s that? you wonder…).
3) Your parents will have a sin nature and may sin against you even in ways they won’t want to, sometimes in ways they won’t even be aware of.
4) You will even begin to sin against Me. (No, heaven forbid! you cry out!)
5) You will have to wait for other people who didn’t know Me either, to come and tell you about Me and what I did for you through Jesus.
6) Otherwise, if they don’t come to you, your sins and separation would take you to hell.
7) You will have a very hard time believing them at first.
8) Oh and by the way, there will be legions of the evil one who hate you, will attack you relentlessly and will be invisible to you—and yet you won’t really know much about them or believe they are even there until you get to know Me again.”

What would you say to being born under these circumstances?

So take a deep breath and realize that God knows what you have been up against and what He has to do to help you overcome it!

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