You may already have the best spiritual protection in the universe. Imagine that an immense football stadium’s dome is over your head. No matter where you go it covers you. The best angelic engineers built it, so you know with absolute assurance that you will never be afflicted by the rain or winds, sleet or snow, not even hurricanes or tornadoes. You are covered and protected against anything the weather may throw at you!

Now imagine that it’s invisible and spiritual, but no less powerful. No one can see it except you (and God of course). Nevertheless, it remains over you wherever you go, providing spiritual protection from the enemy and his kingdom. This is a fanciful image of our true spiritual condition. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ (that’s a big “if”), you have been dramatically and decisively covered by your loving Father. Through our faith in Christ—no matter how weak, or foolish, or sinful we are—God has us covered. (See “What Just Happened?” to learn more about the many gifts of the new birth.)

Seven Gifts of Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection - Umbrella

Think of It as an “Umbrella of Grace”!

In his rage, the enemy hurls darts of accusation against us, rains down contempt upon us, seeks to drown us with condemning thoughts, or beat us down with storms of shameful passion. Yet, it is all to no avail. No charge against us can get past our divine covering to affect our standing with God. As a result, from the very instant we were born again we have been invisibly, yet powerfully, covered by these seven unchanging realities:

  1. The Father’s love covers you. He always loves you and His love is bigger and more perfect than the universe He created.
  2. The Father’s mercy covers you. He has always wanted you forgiven, even from before He created you.
  3. The Blood of Jesus covers you. If we only knew (or could believe) how much the Blood of Jesus means to the Father, we would never fear reproach, punishment or rejection ever again.
  4. God’s total and complete Reconciliation covers you. You have been fully accepted in the Beloved. He will never reject you or forsake you.
  5. The promises of God cover you. All of them are ours through Christ. Learning to believe God’s magnificent promises covers every moment of life with faith and hope.
  6. The righteousness of Christ covers you. This is our new robe of righteousness which replaces the shabby covering of our own attempt at doing right. By this the Father sees us as sharing in the rightness of His Perfect Son.
  7. The “free gift” of justification covers you. You have been “justified” by the Blood, by His grace and by your faith. You have a protected standing with God of immense favor and love. He sees us just as if we’d never sinned.

Why So Many Gifts?

Through spiritual rebirth we have been given a relationship with our Father God that we could never have earned or deserved. It is entirely based upon two things: a) His loving desire to give it to us and b) what Jesus did or us at the cross to make it happen. Fortunately for us, God says He gives His gifts “without repentance.” He will never take this immense, eternal covering from us. How’s that for spiritual protection?

The Father began by covering Adam and Even in the Garden with animal skins. Later, He instituted the sacrificial system of Israel to prove atonement (“covering”) for their sins. Now, through Jesus, He is providing the greatest covering of all. Best of all, it is always there, even when we don’t think or feel that it is.

Believe in the Covering

Remember this the next time you get roughed up on the playing field, or fumble the ball, or commit some stunning foul. While you’re heading to the showers, don’t just think about how filthy you are and how badly you need a cleansing. Pause, take a breath, and look up to “see” (by faith) what is forever covering you. Your loving Father placed it over you with moments like this in mind. Then, thank God for that covering and keep your heart encouraged!

Yes, we need the Blood of Jesus to cleanse us of specific sins, but don’t play the devil’s game. In between those necessary and welcomed spiritual scrubbings, you remain covered by the Blood of Jesus and all that comes with it. Your Father is not condemning you, accusing you, or withdrawing His love and favor. He has you covered with GREAT GRACE!

For more on defeating accusing thoughts see Overcoming Shame and Blame at our website for healing.

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