Isn’t our true inheritance “in Christ”? Yes! Naturally we need to focus on our new inheritance in Christ, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have another inheritance to make peace with. Every newborn Christian has an inheritance from the old man—the person they were before Christ entered in. Depending upon how recklessly, or how extravagantly, we “put on” the old man, there may be a considerable inheritance we will have to deal with coming from the ways of the world, the flesh and the enemy that we embraced.

This is the basis of our “consequence inventory”—things outward and inward that will have to be reckoned with in a faithful way. Fortunately, the Lord is with us to help us deal with all of the consequences due to us (that grace alone does not remove and which honesty and responsibility call us to face).

Jesus helps us with all of the consequences that make up the inheritance from our pre-Christian self in these three ways. By trusting and following Him, He enables us to:

1) Live with our consequences by taking responsibility for causing them, leading to acceptance of them.

2) Live above our consequences by casting the burden of our struggles with them upon the Lord, trusting Him to be bringing good out of it all.

3) Live beyond our consequences by finally having them laid to rest—never to appear again.

Time and the Holy Spirit will help us work through the “inventory”!

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