Watch how grace breaks through even the most heavily fortified pass. Since staying well-connected to God and His grace “powers up” our inner life with peace and confidence. This access to the “grace in which we stand” is critical. The enemy knows this, perhaps even better than we do. That’s why he fights so hard to keep us from passing through.

Grace Breaks Through - A Heavily Fortified Pass

A Heavily Fortified Pass

Sure, it’s easy enough to “pass through the heavenlies” and be refreshed in the presence of the Lord at those times when things are going well. But just try to get there quickly when you are goofing up. It’s hard to “pass through” in those times, because the pass is heavily fortified. We stall out due to inner accusations against us, or bump into heavy clouds of condemnation. Worse, queasy feelings of unworthiness, or dreaded shafts of reproach may strike you. Our access is by faith in His grace, but these are usually times when our faith-confidence is at its lowest ebb. What’s a poor, be-deviled believer to do?

Take the Elevator!

For several years now I have been “taking the elevator” straight to the top. It’s the best thing I’ve found for quickly reconnecting with God and Jesus no matter whether the loss of peace is from something serious, or simply my typical drifting away. The writer of Hebrews tells us:

Therefore let us come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16 MKJV

That’s the elevator! I can be in a pig pen and it takes me immediately there. Let me show you how this works taking as a starting point those times where I am feeling totally slimed and separated. I look up saying, “Father, I am coming boldly to Your throne of grace.” If need be, I remind myself that I can indeed go boldly to God in any condition I’m in because: a) He actually commands us to come boldly, b) His love always covers us, c) the Blood of Jesus always covers us, and d) the Holy Spirit is always eager to take us there. See “He’s Got You Covered!

Rehearsing these truths strengthens you with the faith you need to get through the pass. Stirring up some basic confidence in the truth about God and His grace will get you past any accusations formed against you. Condemnation falls away as you gain this grace break through.

First Things First

Now comes entering His presence: “Father, I need to obtain Your mercy!” What’s the first thing you need if you’ve blown it? Mercy, right? God knows this. That’s why He says to “come boldly” and “obtain mercy” as soon as we get there. Sometimes I’m still feeling less than fully confident that I’ve been forgiven even after asking for mercy. I immediately ask for “grace to help” in my time of need: “Father, I need Your grace helping me right now to believe in Your mercy, Your love, Your acceptance of me and all the great promises You’ve made.”

Be sure to go boldly to “the throne of grace”—not a throne of judgment. He is obviously inviting us to come and receive grace and mercy ANYTIME we need it. What an incredible offer! Why would we ever hold back—if we know this?

We need boldness, but not because God is going to give us a hard time. The Accuser and our own lack of faith will be working to “head us off at the pass.” We might be able to saunter into heaven’s courts when we are on top of our game. But that’s not how it is during the crunch times. When we’re feeling our weaknesses and seeing our failings, it takes boldness to get past feeling intimidated or condemned.

Grace Breaks Through!

Now, that you are feeling re-connected, thank Him! And then start praying for His grace to help you with whatever that situation was that you just left behind…

Having a really good image of God and His grace activates our faith for getting these grace breakthroughs. See this article to enhance your vision of “The God of All Grace” at our website for life in the Spirit,

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