Maybe you think you don’t need this gift or that it couldn’t possibly apply to you. Maybe you were one of the fortunate ones who was never abandoned by either of your birth parents. That’s a good beginning, but it sure isn’t the end of the story. The truth is you were abandoned long ago and the consequences have been showing up painfully in your life ever since. Our Father has the perfect remedy, but first you have to recognize the disease.

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!” Romans 8:15 ESV

Abandoned and Left for Dead

Most of us probably think that everyone is a child of God. Not the Bible. Scriptures paint a different picture. God the Father is indeed Father of all living creatures. Our natural life comes from Him. However, we were created to have a spiritual life directly united to Him as His children. When the Fall happened through Adam and Eve, we fell so far!

We lost the most important relationship in our lives: God could still see us and know us, but we could no longer see Him or know Him. According to Jesus, Satan became our “father”, ruling over us under his dominion, the kingdom of darkness, and enslaving us to his sinful ways. Like orphaned infants we barely had any sense that something had gone wrong!

Adam and Eve abandoned us to the enemy when they chose to sin. This made us orphans of God, not by His choice, but by theirs. To see this better consider how grandparents “lose” their grandchildren when the birth parents abandon their infants as orphans, giving them away to someone else. The grandparents often have no choice in the matter and it can be heart-breaking for them to never have a relationship with those “lost” grandchildren. It was truly heart-rending for Father God to have to “stand by” as Adam and Eve consigned their entire line of descendants to the predatory influence of the enemy. All of us died!

Ever since that awful day, none of us have ever been born into our proper inheritance in the Lord—not by natural birth. That’s where the Adoption comes in! God the Father saw that we had been abandoned by our natural parents (Adam and Eve) and has freely chosen to adopt us into His Family, restoring us to the full inheritance we had always been intended to enjoy. But first He had to break the “spell” of the evil one which held us all imprisoned in the delusion that it was normal for us to be orphans of God, not knowing our Father or our true position in His Family.

As we receive faith in what Jesus has done for us, we are restored at last to our true inheritance as His beloved children. Scripture says that we are placed “in Christ” and now are qualified to receive everything that is His. We are adopted as God’s sons through faith in Jesus Christ. At last we can say with the apostle John that we all (men and women, boys and girls) have become God’s children.

Strictly speaking, however, we are raised into the Sonship of Jesus. We inherit through Him, thereby becoming sons through Him. If that sounds weird to women, consider how men are asked to think of themselves as the Bride of Christ who is now our Husband and you will see (with a wink) that God is having fun with us, even as He works out the deadly serious issues of our eternal salvation.

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