Salvation and New Life

Salvation and New Life

          …to Your “Home Base” for Heavenly Grace

Getting Saved and Getting to Heaven

If you want to know how to be saved or want to grow now that you are saved, you have definitely come to the right place! This site is devoted to helping you get saved, get assurance of being saved, learn how to to stay saved and learn how to live the new life of grace that our Lord’s salvation alone makes possible.

This means that we are also here to help you learn a lot more about the God of Grace who works to save you and raise you into the New Life of grace. You can’t “get saved” without Him! And once you’ve met Him and tasted His salvation, you really won’t be satisfied until you are as fully in love with Him as He is loving of you. He wants your joy to be full!

Living a More Heavenly Life on Earth

Even if you are a long time Christian (a “seasoned veteran”), but your peace levels are slipping and joy is not yet full, then everything on this site is designed to help you come into the fullness of what it truly means to be saved by grace through faith–in all of your days and all of your situations.

Are you a “forerunner”? John the Baptist was an outstanding example of a forerunner who went before the Messiah to prepare His way. For us, therefore, a forerunner is anyone who receives salvation and begins a lifetime quest of “running” into the heart of God (for intimacy) and going before the Lord to prepare His way into other lives (for devoted service). That’s your heart too, isn’t it?

So, whether you are a raw recruit or a seasoned veteran, this blog is for you!

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