Demonic EyesYou won’t find anything on spiritual warfare in your science books. They don’t even have it on their radar. What science can “see”, however, is the presence of invisible realities we never knew existed. Things like bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and radioactive emissions threaten our lives even though we cannot see them. It’s time to gain eyes to see what science is blind to. Two invisible kingdoms are at war all around you; sometimes you even feel the “tug of war” going on within you. It really helps to know what you are up against–that way we can “guard are hearts with diligence” and take effective counter-measures through Holy Spirit directed prayers.

The Curse and Gods Redemption

The Curse and God’s Redemption

I have heard so much confusion around the promise of redemption that I hope this will clarify a few things about why we suffer the curse and its consequences and how God works through it all. Just because God works in a redemptive way with the curse doesn’t mean that He needed or wanted us to be messed up by it! Can you agree with this statement? God would surely much rather work creatively through us than redemptively for us.…

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The Pick Ax of Praise

The Pick Ax of Praise

Thanking God for blessings is child’s play compared to what is actually set before us as the answer to life’s hardest problems. What do you do when you are reeling from the blows of adversity and emotional pain? The Word tells us to thank God in all things and for all things. He does not causes evil, but He can overturn it, bringing a greater blessing out of it than any evil the enemy put into it in the first…

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