Demonic EyesYou won’t find anything on spiritual warfare in your science books. They don’t even have it on their radar. What science can “see”, however, is the presence of invisible realities we never knew existed. Things like bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and radioactive emissions threaten our lives even though we cannot see them. It’s time to gain eyes to see what science is blind to. Two invisible kingdoms are at war all around you; sometimes you even feel the “tug of war” going on within you. It really helps to know what you are up against–that way we can “guard are hearts with diligence” and take effective counter-measures through Holy Spirit directed prayers.

The Apostles Never Said Please

The Apostles Never Said Please!

The apostles never said please! They learned to pray from the Master. When did Jesus ever say “please God” when praying against a demon or a disease? Just as He commanded spirits to go, He commanded healing to come. Search the scriptures for yourself: After Pentecost, the apostles went about doing things the same way. I have a hunch why so many of us missed this. We look at the Biblical picture from the outside and think that if we…

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Crazy Mad at God

Crazy Mad at God (What Curses Can Tell Us)

People using “Jesus Christ” as a curse is so common in our culture that it seems normal, yet it is truly bizarre. You don’t hear anyone blurting out “Adolph Hitler!” or “Mahatma Buddha!” when things go south. Why would so many people who have no relationship with Jesus use His name in such a vile way? What did He ever do to them? I’m sure they don’t think much about it. Most likely these unbelievers feel the need to curse…

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Why We Can Repent and Demons Cant

Why We Can Repent and Demons Can’t 

Why can’t demons and fallen angels repent and be saved? The answer to this is going to show us something wonderful about ourselves, so hang in there with me. Why can’t the kingdom of darkness be converted? After all, the Enemy deceived them same as us, yet we have been given the opportunity to repent from our allegiance to Satan and return to God. Why can’t they? Why won’t they? There have been people in church…

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Our Secret Weapon

Our Secret Weapon (And Why We Don’t Use It Enough)

Time really is on our side, but we often have to wait for the right time to come. Faith turns waiting into our secret weapon. Waiting doesn’t feel like much of a weapon; oh, but it is. It breaks down many a hidden obstacle. Israel waited a long time for their Messiah to come to them (a thousand years from the promise given to King David). But His coming was well worth the wait…

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