I'm a former missionary and carpenter. Now a passionate follower of Jesus, devoted to living in the Spirit and helping others gain peace and freedom.
Crazy Mad at God

Crazy Mad at God (What Curses Can Tell Us)

People using “Jesus Christ” as a curse is so common in our culture that it seems normal, yet it is truly bizarre. You don’t hear anyone blurting out “Adolph Hitler!” or “Mahatma Buddha!” when things go south. Why would so many people who have no relationship with Jesus use His name in such a vile way? What did He ever do to them? I’m sure they don’t think much about it. Most likely these unbelievers feel the need to curse…

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Why We Can Repent and Demons Cant

Why We Can Repent and Demons Can’t 

Why can’t demons and fallen angels repent and be saved? The answer to this is going to show us something wonderful about ourselves, so hang in there with me. Why can’t the kingdom of darkness be converted? After all, the Enemy deceived them same as us, yet we have been given the opportunity to repent from our allegiance to Satan and return to God. Why can’t they? Why won’t they? There have been people in church…

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