Are you a seeker? The critical step is the one you have already taken, so relax. You are a seeker, or you wouldn’t be scouring the web looking for an answer. The insurmountable obstacle would be if you had no interest in seeking God or His salvation.

The “Hidden” Assignment

The most important task imaginable lies right in front of you. We are disconnected from our God and we know it. What will you do about it? Our lives are racing towards death and we know it. What will it be like for you to face a God you have never known? In the moments after death you will know the truth, but by then it will be too late to make any adjustments. The time to act is now!

There is neither wisdom nor honor in setting this all-encompassing assignment aside: If God can be known, we must know Him. If He is there, He certainly expects nothing less from us. What honor or reward can there be for selfish, ungrateful creatures that show no interest in their Creator? If God can be found, we must find Him. Even if we are not at all concerned about the next life, we would be wise to re-unite with One who can make this life on earth a heaven and not a hell. What wisdom is there in rejecting any possible source of divine assistance?

In Christian terms all of this is impossible. We are so completely lost, it would take God to “find” us; so totally blind, it would take God to open our eyes; so entirely separated, it would take God to restore us. We cannot lead ourselves completely out of the darkness that enshrouds us, nor free ourselves fully from the sins that enslave us. Don’t let that stop you!

Like miners trapped within the depths of the earth, we can hold fast to hope and send our desperate messages to the surface. We can “grope” our way towards the light. We can seek Him whom we cannot see. We can cry out to Him whom we cannot hear. All is not lost, just because we are lost. Are you a seeker? Then take heart from this: Jesus promised that “All who seek shall find.” We can embrace the quest!

In the beginning of my journey I didn’t know Jesus Christ from Adam’s house cat. At first my spiritual quest only succeeded in getting me further lost! Yet, my heart was crying out for God, for the living God. He heard that silent plea and took pity. That story is told in Rescued from Hell: An Odyssey of Deception and Discovery (Available at our website).

Had He not come to my rescue, that book could never have been written. As it is, I have had the pleasure of being a part of His rescue in many lives since then. I have never yet seen Him fail to save those who are crying out to Him and calling upon His Name. May you, too, find Him to be more than you could ever have dreamed possible.


OK, this is it—I’m going for it this time. If you are out there God, I want to find You. And since Jesus says that all who seek shall find, I’m asking You to help me seek You with all my heart. For my part I am opening my heart and mind to the possibility that You are Real and that you can be found by a determined seeker. That’s me—I’m embracing the quest!

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